Here are the questions we get asked the most.
What are the requirements?

Agree with ACTS Center, Inc. Policies and Practices Statement

Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (four-year)

Native fluency in American English

Some schools require 2-3 years of work experience.  Others regard graduate degrees, other certifications, or relevant work experience as desirable, but not required.

What is the length of contract time?
ACTS is looking for individuals who are willing to give a minimum of two years. It takes time to develop meaningful relationships with students and gain their confidence. Adjusting to the culture and to the school environment are also important aspects that require time.
What if I don't know the language?
A teacher does not need to know Mandarin. The school desires teachers who speak English with clear pronunciation and proper grammar. Though a teacher might be asked to teach an English class, the opportunity is not restricted to teaching the subject of English. A wide range of subjects is offered, all taught in English.
What training will I receive?
ACTS will provide cross-cultural training, conflict resolution, and team building at their headquarters. The team leader will provide additional instruction regarding cultural adaptation and school expectations after the teacher arrives in China.
What would be expected of me as a teacher?

Have a heart for the students and be a good student yourself.
Demonstrate servant leadership, flexibility, and patience.
Be willing to share creative talents such as sports, music, and arts.
School hours will vary, depending on the school. You will be expected to maintain some office hours and perform some duties.

What about loneliness?
ACTS teachers are usually placed on teams. The ACTS team meets regularly for study, mutual encouragement, and fellowship. Team members often go on sightseeing excursions on weekends or during holiday breaks. Opportunities abound to explore the Chinese culture and enjoy the various holidays.
What and who will I teach?
For some educational institutions, classes range from pre-school through high school. Depending on your ability and training, you may be asked to teach a variety of classes and ages.  Individuals who are teaching university level classes will teach classes for which their “foreign expert” skill qualifies them. 
What is the teacher's pay?

Your pay is based upon your level of education and experience in teaching. Salary, including room and board, is sufficient for living in China.

What are the teacher's benefits?

Benefit packages vary according to school contracts.

Some schools provide the following:

  • furnished apartment with private bedroom
  • water machine
  • cooking stove
  • refrigerator
  • washing machine
  • bed
  • AC unit
  • couch
  • internet service
  • American toilet
  • hot water heater

Benefits also include:

  • Round trip ticket to your city of origin after one year of service. Some organizations provide two round trip tickets per year.
  • Paid Chinese holidays
  • Some school provide lunch and dinner meals at the school cafeteria without cost but attendance is not required. You may also purchase and prepare your own food in your apartment, if you desire. Meal arrangements vary according to the organization.
What expenses will I have?

Medical exam required by the school

ACTS orientation training and background check

$600 to provide for personal needs and set-up costs upon arrival in China.

We require teachers to purchase overseas travelers medical insurance for each year that you teach unless you have sufficient coverage already in place.

Medical benefits vary according to the school with whom you are employed.

ACTS Administrative Services fee – minimum of $720 a year.

Some schools require that the teacher cover the cost of the visa application and agency fee–approx. $280–for first year, while other schools cover that cost.

Teacher will need a personal laptop computer.

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