The community we shared as a team is one of the treasured aspects of teaching in a culture so different from our home country. The varied ages of our team members provide for a rich sprinkling of perspective and experience when confronted with shared challenges.

We’re able to encourage and lift one another up when discouragement sets in. Sometimes gloomy weather hangs on for weeks and then the sun comes out and everyone rushes outside to soak up the rays and blue sky! Today is just such a golden day!

Immediately after moving here, dozens of people welcomed me into the teaching family. I began to experience the close bond of the community within our school, particularly among teachers and staff. We go through a lot together in our tough jobs and demanding work, but the close bond and encouragement we share is unlike any other! From working together to living daily life with each other to celebrating special occasions and accomplishments together, friendships among our staff are a treasure.