In a school with ACTS teachers, opportunities like these abound.

If you are ready to expand your world and explore another culture, and have at least a four-year degree, we’d love to hear from you!  Especially valued are retired individuals under the age of 65!       

Put your life experience to work for you in a culture that respects and values the wisdom of years.  Envision how you can make a difference! 

At one school where our personnel serve, teachers have opportunities to teach and/or interact with students from pre-school up to high school seniors. English is taught as a foreign language in every age group and grade, and students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to have conversation with English speaking foreign teachers outside of classes to practice their English.

For middle and high school students, foreign teachers offer late-afternoon CASL (Creativity, Action, Service, Leadership) activities to help develop life skills in students outside of an academic classroom setting. The foreign staff have also been involved in cultural and English corner activities with the national staff to build relationships and encourage intercultural cooperation.

The school provides occasional opportunities for local field trips and outings associated with holidays or other special occasions. There are also many opportunities for western teachers to learn Chinese language and culture from co-teachers and friends. The foreign staff have no teaching responsibilities on the weekends, and teachers have free time to rest, go shopping, eat out, or spend time with friends or students who board over the weekend, etc.

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