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We have a number of exciting things going on at the ACTS Center. Check out the latest news to see what we’re highlighting right now. As always, if you ever have any questions about opportunities available through the ACTS Center, please get in touch. We’d love to partner with you!

2 Major Visa Options for Our Teachers

Ready to spend time abroad? Here are the two major visa options available to our teachers. See which one is right for you! And don't worry...we'll help all of our teachers through the application process. You're not on your own! Employment Visa The employment visa (Z)...

Build a Sense of Community with Our Teachers

The community we shared as a team is one of the treasured aspects of teaching in a culture so different from our home country. The varied ages of our team members provide for a rich sprinkling of perspective and experience when confronted with shared challenges. We’re...

Why Do You Want to Come to China

I am often asked, “Why did you want to come to China?” Living in China was certainly never something I envisioned myself doing. However, serving in China as an education consultant with ACTS was one of the best decisions of my life. There are many challenges that come...

What We Do

Originally created in 2007 to facilitate the placement of teachers and education consultants in China, ACTS Center, Inc. is expanding to meet the need for personnel services in other countries.

Recognizing the growing international demand for instruction in English and the desire of academic institutions to prepare their students to attend university anywhere in the world, ACTS Center, Inc. recruits teachers and education consultants and provides oversight and accountability to create a harmonious working relationship that is mutually pleasing to school and teacher alike.

Who We Are

ACTS Center, Inc. recruits individuals with four-year degrees from American colleges and universities. Prospective personnel must pass through a rigorous screening process to ensure that only well-trained individuals with impeccable character references will be considered for placement in international settings.

ACTS Center, Inc. seeks to recruit teachers, trainers, education consultants, and administrators who possess discernment, have flexible expectations, have an ability to cope with loneliness, are not thin-skinned, are prepared to work with many different personalities, and who demonstrate leadership qualities. Further, they must demonstrate initiative, thrive on challenge, possess the ability to adjust to inconvenience or to living conditions that may not be ideal, have a sense of humor, and demonstrate a strong work ethic.

Our personnel accept, appreciate, and respect the culture in which they live and serve.

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If you are ready to expand your world and explore another culture, and have at least a four-year degree, we’d love to hear from you!  Especially valued are retired individuals under the age of 65!   Put your life experience to work for you in a culture that respects and values the wisdom of years.  Envision how you can make a difference!


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